North Maastricht

Alex Meij is the member of the municipal executive committed to North Maastricht. This area consists of the following districts: Beatrixhaven · Borgharen · Itteren · Limmel · Meerssenhoven · Nazareth. The area includes the northernmost and most rural part of Maastricht. North Maastricht lies on the eastern bank of the river Maas on low ground. The Kanjel stream runs through the area. North Maastricht borders the Belgian municipality of Lanaken and the Dutch municipality of Meerssen.

Foto van Jef Schellings

Jef Schellings

Enforcement officer

Jef's vision

I want to ensure liveability in people's living environment and tackle issues together with networking partners. Every day is different. I want to try to solve problems in collaboration with residents.

E:jef.schellings [at] (jef[dot]schellings[at]maastricht[dot]nl)
T: 14 043 (municipality of Maastricht)

een gezin met drie kinderen op de fiets op een fietspad

Developments and road works in your district

We will improve the cycle route along Meerssenerweg between Kastelenpad and Viaductweg in 2023. The Meerssenerweg is part of the cycle highway between Sittard and Maastricht. The cycle highway will be constructed in phases.

What is a cycle highway?

A cycle highway is not intended to make cyclists ride faster. Instead, it is meant to provide a comfortable and safe cycling route with fewer delays and obstacles. The cycle highway should promote cycling as a means of commuting between the two cities and the towns in between. Thus, cycling can become an even more attractive alternative to driving a car.

What will happen

Cyclists will soon have the right of way everywhere on Meerssenerweg. The current parallel road will be changed into a cycle path with red asphalt or - if there are cables and pipes underground - red bricks. We will improve the pavements and plant more and new greenery, such as trees and hedges. Cars will soon be able to park along the roadway of Meerssenerweg in most places. Cars will be able park on the cycle path if there is less space.

Cycle safety

Improving cycle safety in the Korporaal Petrie Crijns viaduct

We are tackling the safety of cyclists in the Petrie Crijns viaduct (former Severent tunnel) simultaneously with the construction of the cycle highway along Meerssenerweg. We are assessing which measures are needed together with neighbourhood networks and stakeholders.


  • 2022: preparation of the project
  • 2023: road works start