Youth Awards Winners

A great number of young people in Maastricht go the extra mile for their friends, family, an organisation, charity or neighbourhood. They have a positive impact on their surroundings and on Maastricht as a city of connectedness. The municipality presents the Youth Awards each year to recognise these young heroes (6 - 18 years old).  You can find the winners from previous editions on this page.

The following young heroes received a Youth Award in 2024, 2023, 2021 and 2020:

  • Tessa Hermans (17 years old)

    Tessa is a musical prodigy who started with the music group Harmonie Kunst door Oefening at a young age. She plays the harp, snare drum, and timpani/xylophone. Besides her musical dedication, she helps the association by organising events such as bingo nights, youth activities and concerts. Additionally, Tessa has raised the association's profile by creating and managing a TikTok account. Tessa is a role model for other young people, demonstrating commitment to the music group and staying involved. She also inspires older generations with her enthusiasm and dedication to music. The committee believes Tessa deserves a Youth Award for inspiring both young and old, not only through her musical pursuits but also through her organisational efforts to connect young people with the music group. 

    Tibbe Breuls (12 years old)

    Tibbe has been volunteering with the group Aansjuive in Itteren for 3 years, despite his young age. This group provides a monthly 3-course meal for elderly people and singles aged 60 and above (for a small fee). Tibbe distributes flyers, sets the tables, arranges the plates, prepares salads and desserts, serves meals and helps with cleaning and washing up. Tibbe also helps his single grandmother by mowing the lawn, shopping for groceries and keeping her company to prevent loneliness. The committee is impressed by how Tibbe takes responsibility and unites different generations at such a young age. The selection committee was unanimous in its decision that Tibbe deserves a Youth Award.

  • Emir Everts (16 years old)

    Emir dedicates his efforts through Stichting Trajekt to support young people and teenagers with personal problems. He helps organise fun (sports) activities as entertainment for these groups. He does this not only in his own neighbourhood but throughout Maastricht. Emir inspires young people and connects them with youth work through his extensive social network. The selection committee appreciates how Emir brings people together. Emir is always ready to go the extra mile, consistently prioritising the needs of his community over his own.

    Dunya Jongen (11 years old)

    Dunya is the face of the campaign for Buurtopera Malpertuis (poster/flyer) and has participated in the 'moving choir' during the performance. Dunya is focused, driven, serious and respectful. The selection committee is impressed by Dunya's commitment to the community and her ability to engage with people of all ages. She is a leader who motivates other children. By being the face of Buurtopera Malpertuis, she shows that she is willing to be vulnerable at a young age and sets an example for other children.

  • Faye Houben (14 years old)

    Faye has been caring for her younger sister Skye as a young carer for several years, always ready to assist her parents and sister. The selection committee holds Faye in high regard, recognising that growing up in a family where someone needs long-term, intensive care isn't easy. However, Faye is a strong individual who exemplifies how meaningful and rewarding caregiving can be, even at a young age. Her positivity and sense of responsibility are exemplary, making Faye an inspiration to her peers.

    Azra Serdan (10 years old)

    Azra has spent the last two years crafting and selling keychains and bracelets. She used the proceeds to fund a new water well in Chad (Central Africa). The selection committee is impressed by Azra's determination and generous spirit, and recognises her as a young person deeply invested in the Maastricht community and the wider world. Azra's remarkable actions serve as an inspiration to other young people in Maastricht, demonstrating that they too can make a positive impact, even in remote parts of the world.

  • Christien Albertz (13 years old)

    Christien and her sister Floor delivered 540 meals to lonely older people during the lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic. The selection committee is greatly impressed with their inspiring initiative, which not only provided meals but also helped combat loneliness and create connections between young and older people.

    Floor Albertz, Christien's sister, was no longer eligible for the Youth Award due to her age. However, the selection committee and the council want to express their appreciation for her efforts.

    Enzo van Golde (16 years old)

    Enzo is highly involved in the youth work at Trajekt. The selection committee is moved by the way Enzo readily assists other young people. Through his dedication and personal experience, he serves as a role model and a source of support for young individuals. The committee finds it particularly exceptional that a sixteen-year-old boy has developed in such a way and is now dedicated to supporting others.

    Juupu (Juul and Puck Knols)

    The youth movement Juupu is the initiative of brother Juul (19 years old, 18 at the time of nomination) and sister Puck Knols (17 years old), who have been doing volunteer work since 2015. They organised various activities, initially for asylum seekers and later to combat poverty. They continue to do so to this day.

    They eventually founded Juupu to help and encourage young people to do something for society. According to the selection committee, not only the fact that they have been doing volunteer work for years themselves, but also the way they inspire and activate other young people with Juupu deserves appreciation. Just like the other young people currently active within Juupu. That is why the organisation Juupu received the Youth Award.

    KinderAdviesRaad, Maastricht UMC+

    According to the selection committee, the KinderAdviesRaad (Children's Advisory Council) or KAR is a fantastic initiative in which young people of various ages (8 to 17 years old) work together to help other children who stay at the MUMC+ hospital. KAR helps children to get their voice heard within the hospital.

    The selection committee commends the children for taking part in KAR, as it takes courage to do so. They demonstrate how impactful one can be, which is crucial as children deserve care that meets their needs. Who could better understand what "good care for children" is than children themselves? The KAR is therefore a great example of youth participation.

    Mohammed Maho (15 years old)

    Mohammed Maho has caught the eye of the selection committee with his impressive contribution to RKHSV, his football club. He is extremely active within the club, taking on the role of coach/leader for the youth team, volunteering in the canteen, and being a reliable point of contact. On top of all this, he also plays for JO19-1 and trains twice a week, in addition to playing one match per week. It's clear that, at 14 years old, he is not your average club member, but a shining example and inspiration for all other footballers at RKHSV.