South West Maastricht

Johan Pas is the member of the municipal executive committed to South West Maastricht. This area consists of the following districts: Biesland · Campagne · Jekerdal · Sint Pieter · Villapark · Wolder. South West Maastricht is located between the river Maas in the east and the Albert canal in the southwest.

Foto van Peter

E: peter.timmermans2 [at] (peter[dot]timmermans2[at]maastricht[dot]nl)
T: 14 043 (landelijk nummer van de gemeente Maastricht)

Peter Timmermans

Enforcement officer 

Peter works together with Jef Schellings.

Peter's vision

My goal is to work with residents and partners to make the living environment feel pleasant and safe. I am the point of contact in the area for local residents and entrepreneurs. I am responsible for handling all kinds of complaints. That includes parking supervision and enforcement, enforcing environmental rules, preventing and identifying nuisances and checking permits.