South Maastricht

Anita Bastiaans is the member of the municipal executive committed to South Maastricht. This area consists of the following districts: De Heeg · Heugem · Heugemerveld · Randwyck · Vroendaal. The area is located on the eastern bank of the river Maas. The river Maas forms the western border and the road N278 forms the northern border of South Maastricht. In the southeast, the area borders the municipality of Eijsden-Margraten.

portret foto van Lilian

E: buitenwijkzuidoostgebied [at] (buitenwijkzuidoostgebied[at]maastricht[dot]nl)
T: 14 043 (landelijk nummer van de gemeente Maastricht)

Lilian Miesen

Enforcement officer

Lilian's vision

I am always approachable and listen carefully to everyone's story. People should feel free to make an appointment with me so I can look for a suitable solution. If I can't offer one, I like to get a network partner involved and get back to the people. Together with residents I strive for a beautiful, pleasant living environment.

* Lilian Miesen works together with Frenk Kuijpers.