NK tegelwippen: join the competition, replace your garden tiles with greenery!

This year Maastricht is taking part in the NK Tegelwippen: a competition aiming to green up Dutch cities by exchanging as many garden tiles as possible for greenery. You can take part by removing your garden tiles and replacing them with plants, bushes or trees. We will be battling against our direct rival Sittard-Geleen. The NK Tegelwippen lasts a few months. But beware – there will be no summer break for this competition! 

More greenery

Could your garden use some more greenery? Or have you always wanted a beautiful facade garden? Don't wait any longer and remove your garden tiles for Maastricht! The competition will run all summer. You can take part until 31 October via the NK Tegelwippen website. You will also find the standings on the website.


Get inspired and watch the video by Timo and Nadine below.


  • Get rid of tiles from your own front, back, or facade garden. Every tile counts. Please note: Only remove tiles on your own property: don't remove your neighbours’ tiles.
  • Photograph the (stack of) tiles and submit the photo via the form on NK tegelwippen. Enter the number of tiles and your contribution will be registered. Keep it fair – only enter correct numbers!
  • Post your photos on social media with the hashtags #maastrichtwipt and #NKtegelwippen for extra appreciation. 
  • Please note: you can build a facade garden in Maastricht without a permit if you do not have a front garden. The facade garden may be a maximum of 45 centimetres wide. Leave at least 120 centimetres of walking space on the sidewalk for prams, walkers and wheelchairs. See the page geveltuin aanleggen (page in Dutch) for all the rules in Maastricht, help and tips. 


The municipality that removes the most tiles per 1000 inhabitants – divided into three classifications – wins the prestigious Gouden Schep (Golden Spade). In addition, the municipality with the most discarded tiles wins the Gouden Tegel (Golden Tile). Residents who transform their (facade) garden have a chance to win the Publiekswipper (People's Award) and attractive prize packages. 

CNME scheme

CNME Maastricht currently has a scheme for greening up gardens and facades. A maximum amount of € 200 per application is available for 50 participants in the municipality of Maastricht. The tiles must be removed and replaced with greenery. You can learn more and read the conditions on the CNME website. You can register or ask questions by sending an email to Nelle.driessen [at] cnme.nl.

Maastricht wants to be a climate-proof city by 2040. Adding greenery helps cool down the city in hot summers and absorb water during heavy downpours. Trees and plants take in carbon dioxide gas (CO2) and release oxygen. Greenery also stimulates walking, cycling, playing and sports. And it makes the city attractive to other plant and animal species. Adding greenery makes Maastricht not only climate-proof, but also more pleasant to live, work and relax in.