Neighbourhood poll 2022 – share your opinion!

The municipality of Maastricht will conduct a buurtpeiling (neighbourhood poll) between 3 and 22 November. All Maastricht residents can take part. Complete the questionnaire and help shape the future of your neighbourhood!

Fill out the questionnaire

The questionnaire will take about 5 minutes to complete. 10 randomly selected participants will win a voucher worth 25 euros.

A neighbourhood poll - what and why?

The municipality conducts a buurtpeiling (neighbourhood poll) throughout Maastricht every 4 years. We use the results to take targeted action or tackle issues in the neighbourhoods, or to discover whether our previous initiatives have worked. This means that you can help your neighbourhood by taking part.

All Maastricht residents can take part

Everyone, from young to old, can fill in the questionnaire between 3 and 22 November. You can also participate if you're younger than 18, but you'll have to ask your parents' permission first.


Would you like to find out what your neighbours think? You will find the results of the poll on this page from February 2023.


If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to buurtpeiling [at] or call 14043.

Completing the questionnaire on paper

You can complete the questionnaire online from this year onwards. Please call 14 043 if you prefer a questionnaire on paper.