For the first time in Maastricht, we're organising a burgerberaad (citizens' assembly). You'll find more details about it on this page. If you have received an invitation letter and have registered, we sent a letter in mid-July to let you know whether you have been selected to participate, are on the reserve list, or will not be participating. 

What is a burgerberaad?

A burgerberaad (citizens’ assembly)  is a group of Maastricht residents who collectively give advice. The advice is sent to the governing bodies of the municipality. If the advice complies with the law and the municipality doesn't foresee any major issues, the advice will be accepted.

What will the burgerberaad be talking about?

The burgerberaad members in Maastricht will be working on several of the following topics:

  • How can we make sure our city is safe and healthy for everyone?
  • Do we have enough places for people to meet up?
  • How can we make our city look better and be more sustainable?

These ideas will be used in the omgevingsvisie. The omgevingsvisie is the local development plan of the municipality of Maastricht. 

logo burgerberaad - spreekballon met tekst burgerberaad

100 Maastricht residents

We aim to bring together 100 people from Maastricht through a draw. We've drawn a diverse group of people of all ages, from all parts of the city. So, you can only register if you've got an invitation letter from the gemeente (municipality). If, for example, many people from the same district register, not all of them can participate. We  will then invite more people from other parts of the city to maintain a balanced mix. 


The burgerberaad will be operational from September to December 2023. During this period, we will hold 7 meetings, usually in the evening or on Saturday mornings. Participants will receive a compensation of 75 euros for each meeting.

Final report citizen consultation 2023

The citizens' council delivered their final report in January 2024. The report contains all advice and information on the process, including composition of the citizens' council, draw, communication and discussion guidance. View the Dutch report or the English-language report.